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Our Venue

Our Venue

Time Honored Value

Tradition Of Service

At Krishnai Catering, we constantly look to innovate and impress, however, the one thing that has been the same for over three generations, is our time-honored value of tradition of service. Our team comprises of hand-picked professionals, with prolific experience in hospitality, who ensure your guests are pampered with attention and care, that makes the event an unforgettable experience for them.
We have worked hard to build our brand over the last three decades, and thus with the love bestowed by our esteemed patrons, Krishnai Catering Hospitality has carved a niche of its own, with the name being synonymous with exceptional food journey, divine presentation and comprehensive event management.
We Bring Your Vision To Life!

Event Planning

Weddings are the culmination of years of planning, and each one involves the expectations and vision of not only the Bride and the groom, but also their families, relatives, and friends. The Team at Krishnai Catering Hospitalities is dedicated to ensuring your vision for the event finds the light of the day!
We begin the initial consultation meeting with a thorough brief of the big and minute details of the event to be planned. This involves a detailed sketch of the size, scale and magnitude to the event to be planned- our team looks into all elaborate mechanisms and miniscule needs of the parties involved, to give you personalized solutions. The end result is evidenced in our demonstrated success in creating a wholesome, 360-degree event experience for customers over the decades that we have been in service.
Cuisine Culture

Menu Planning

Our catering services are based on the age-old values of ensuring process quality, whether it is in sourcing from authentic, reliable vendors, managing separate kitchens for food handling, adhering to stringent international standards of preparation and storage and finally, a pre-planned delivery process to ensure the highest grade of food quality.
We know the importance of providing authentic food experience for regional and exotic cuisines, which is our trademark. All ingredients are sourced from known regional vendors, locally and on an international level. The Chefs have been in the in-house team for generations and have decades of experience and domain expertise to create the perfect spread as per the vision of the customer.
We take care of problems before they arise, thus, you can focus on enjoying your event and being free to interact fully with the esteemed guests.
Infrastructure Facilities

Decor & Presentation

Krishnai Catering has extensive infrastructure facilities available for catering to the event of any size. We have catered multiple big-ticket events simultaneously with extraordinary success as our team has experience of managing a staff of over a thousand (1000) people on a single event. We are the chosen partners for mega-events with over five thousand (5000) listed guests and 25+ cuisines spread.
The decor, table set-up, and presentation are managed by well-known names in the industry who keep a keen eye on even minute details as table spreads and presentations. Each table has a customized menu featuring the couple logo, keeping in the theme of the event.